Husband, son, father and dreamer… Scattered at best, self-destructive at worst, forever a surrendered, dependent follower of Jesus.

I am not a blogger… I am a pastor turned Travel Nurse recruiter who is so in love with Jesus, and His people that I can’t help but talk about it

I do not write to “hear the sound of my own voice,” but to change assumptions, shift a culture, and be part of God’s transformational work. Thanks for listening to the scattered thoughts that find their way on to my pages. I pray that everything you read here will push you deeper into an understanding of just how amazing Grace is, and how beautiful its author truly is.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jake, nice thoughts on Mary. And Jake, beautiful family. Hey, question, I’ve got a couple from RiverTree that moved to Kansas City. Do you know any churches down there? How about counselors? They are looking for both. Would appreciate any leads. Thanks. Hope our paths cross soon.


    • Thanks Greg… actually yeah, I know a couple options… There is a big church there called Christ Community that has several church plants on the ground right now… Christ Community down town was planted by a friend, Bill Gorman, who is actually now at the Brookside Campus. Great guy, good vision, check out the website http://www.ccef.org. Talk soon


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