Believe in someone.


05 Bank On Others-Believe In Them

I’ve been a recruiter in the travel RN world for just over two years. I have had a million highs and a million lows. I have laughed, cried and everything in-between. It isn’t an easy industry, but tonight, I love it more than I ever knew I could. Why?

Cuz this has been my hardest week as a recruiter in two years, and not one part of me wants to get out. 

That’s when you know you found the right field.

I admit, some of my frustration surrounding this week is connected to my own shortcomings, trust me I got a lot and  came face to face with them this week. But a lot of it is simply related to the reality of the way I am wired up. The way God made me. 

I’m hard wired to fight for the underdog… which isn’t always popular

I was created to advocate for the one who’s voice seems the smallest… which often looks silly

I am driven to love those who appear the least.. because their story matters, and I want to tell it. Even if NO ONE wants to hear it. 

And by the way, most people don’t. 

Ok, so let me back up and tell you why my heart is where it is at tonight. Yes. My heart pretty much sets the course of my thinking for better or worse. Sorry if you don’t understand. It’s me, and I am not here to apologize tonight, but to help you understand, if its something you are interested in. 

Three interactions I had tonight created the environment for this article to just kind of write itself..

The first was with a nurse named Krista… she is currently working in Minneapolis, MN, but recently left an assignment in Dallas, TX. She was trying to help a travel nurse friend tonight, as she battled the often treacherous waters of travel nursing, and asked for my advice. 

Her friend, who she cares about immensely and just wants to make sure is taken care of, reached out to her for advice. Sound familiar? Yeah we got that caring thing in common. Its hard. But it’s so worth it. Her friend isn’t being taken care of by her current recruiter, but barely has categories for what it’s like to feel taken care of. Enter Krista. I listened as every ounce of her wanted to tell her to run. Run from being taken advantage of. Run from Someone not seeing her value. Run from being under appreciated. But she didn’t cuz it’s not that simple. She listened gave her advice and moved forward. Friends, it’s hard to care. Don’t jump in those waters if you haven’t counted the cost. 

The second was with nurse who lost their most favorite grandpa today. She is supposed to start her next assignment on Monday and wants nothing more than to just be home with her family in this hard time. She is like the rock for her family, and carries that burden most of the time. She messaged me today, and said. 

“Jake, I want to be home with my family, but I am scared I might lose my job.”

Let that sink in… Do you worry about losing your income because your family is going through something hard and they need you present? Nah… but these nurses do. This is courage in a nutshell friends. 

The third was an interaction with a nurse named Riley (FYI, her name isn’t Riley, but I am protecting her and you’ll understand why soon). 

Riley is an amazing nurse. Normal, typical, maybe even a little basic? Sorry Riley, but you know it’s a little true. Riley is just a great person, who got caught in a really crappy situation. 

She is a nurse, who failed a drug test. Tested positive for Marijuana. And now has no job, or source of income locked down. Her life is in a state of confusion, and it is all hanging in this painful balance of bottom lines and reputations. Not where you want to be. 

Did I say Riley is a fabulous person and an amazing nurse? If my child was in the hospital I’d hope she was their nurse. 

Here’s the thing…

When you fail a drug test… no one cares who you are. The science supersedes it. Even though she tested negative the same week for her Masters degree in nursing school test. But never mind that, cuz even you the reader is already pretty convinced that “Riley,” is guilty. 

I have a point and I’m gonna get to it now. 

People deserve to be taken care of. To be believed in. Even if it seems crazy. 

Tonight as I was writing an email to all the powers that be at Atlas, I expressed my belief in this nurse and felt the realities of how it would probably be read. Jake, she failed a drug test, science doesn’t lie. Yeah… it does sometimes, and I don’t care. Science knows nothing of the human heart. 

I will forever be known as a guy who believes in people even when I shouldn’t (By the way, all the above mentioned 100% deserve to be believed in). But not everyone has earned the right to be believed in… Or have they?

See, I believe that people deserve to be believed in. All of them. No matter what they have done, or been through. Over businesses or bottom lines. Over sensibility or good judgment. People deserve to be believed in. 

In fact, I am not convinced there is a more powerful tool for change than belief. 

I hate being wrong, but if I am ever proven wrong I hope its because I believed in someone who didn’t earn it too much. I want that legacy. I want that reputation. That is something I am willing to go to my grave with. Something I am willing to be looked down on for. 

In my industry there are plenty of nurses working the system and just trying to get theirs. Those nurses have really messed up the industry, because most of them aren’t like that at all. Most are like Krista, Courtney and, “Riley.” Just doing their best to balance life, family and being a nurse. 

Can I say something? 

It is for you that I show up to work every day. It is for you that I believe this job is worth giving it all for. It is for you that I believe Atlas Medstaff exists. So keep doing your thing. 

For the rest of you… 

Find someone to believe in today. Someone that may not seem like they have earned it. Someone who deserves it, but isn’t popular, and someone that so deserves it that they have been so overlooked. Give it all for them. You won’t regret it. I don’t ever, even though I often feel misunderstood. 

Good night world. I hope you feel inspired to love deeper tonight. 


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