The end of an era


My time is coming to an end.

As hard as this is for me to really connect with, it’s true. This church that I dreamed about, gave the best years of my life to, and sacrificed everything this world says is valuable for, is slipping though my fingers. Don’t misunderstand, it is not being taken from me, nor is it something I am losing, It is in fact, something I am willingly laying down for the sake of what matters most.

As of September, 2017, I will no longer be the pastor of Finding Life Church, because it is in fact what is best for Finding Life Church.

After 8 years, it is clear to me, that in order for this church that I have given blood, sweat and tears for to move into the next season of its development, I have to let it go, in spite of my natural instinct to hold on. If you are struggling to understand what I mean, imagine having a teenager that no longer seems to like you, but has fallen in love with some stupid kid that is promising so much but has the ability to come through with none of it.

This is how I feel if I am being totally honest.

Well, if you have ever loved something more than yourself, you understand what I am talking about and why I am making the decision that I am. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you expect, the way you want. Sometimes, life just reminds you that none of it is about you.

Life is screaming that to me right now.

As hard as it has been to come to the conclusion that it is time to step away, never for a moment have I questioned whether or not it is right, it is good, it is the kingdom move to make.

And so here I am, giving up something that holds a place in my heart that is only rivaled by my wife and children, and doing it with great excitement and enthusiasm.

Why am I excited you ask?

Well, the only way to find that out is to show up at Finding Life Church, August 20th-Spetember 3rd. Those 3 weeks I will preach my last 3 sermons as the pastor. I plan to lay my heart out, and hopefully inspire this great community to only lean harder into what Jesus has called us to from day one.

I pray you join us. I pray you are inspired by what you hear. I pray these 3 weeks brings a level of commitment to this community that you never imagined you would have.

I pray Ephesians 3:20 (Look it up). Hope to see you then.