december 10

hd wallpaper kids chasing

It’s late… I have been on my feet all day, and I am absurdly exhausted. I am lacking any, even the tiniest sense of inspiration. Until…

My wife, Anne Marie, turned on the TV, and Mary Poppins is on. This is a childhood favorite of mine. In fact, my wife and I dressed up like Burt and Mary for Halloween last year (See photo below).

When she turned it on, it was at the scene where Burt and Mary, and the kids, are in a dream of sorts. They have jumped into a street painting, and are experiencing all kinds of crazy things. Immediately, I turned to her and said, “Well, this is certain to give me some inspiration… and it has.

The scene opens with all of them on a carousel. Mary says to Burt…

“This is dIMG_5176-4.PNGelightful.”

To which Burt replies, only slightly sarcastically…

“Yeah, it’s great if you don’t wanna go no where.”

Mary gives a slight grin, and at once, the horses on the carousel, unhinge from their place, and begin galloping into the open fields. The adventure begins.

As I sit here, watching this children’s movie with my wife, on a Saturday night at 8:30, yes we are very cool, I am struck by the way my heart is drawn to something so wrought with fantasy, and imagination. I love the faith that is required to dream, and the vision necessary to wonder. I love seeing humans, even if they are just following a script, chasing something that is impossible, even ridiculous…

Which leads me to advent gift # 10…

The gift of chasing.

I know, it’s outside the box, but come on, I am only on day 10, of a 25 day commitment… and I am following the inspiration of Mary Poppins…

At any rate, I find myself on this 10th day of December considering what it means to chase, or be chased…

A chase requires a dream, a desire, an ability to imagine. A chase means you have sold out, given everything, pushed all in. A chase, in a lot of ways, is the choice to unleash all a human heart can conjure for the purpose of grasping something that seems worth it, even if just for a moment.

I think there is something truly divine about a chase…

In Matthew chapter 2, there is an incredible story of chasing. 3 men, from a far off place, who, somehow heard about a pregnancy, a mother, a baby.

But not just any baby… The messiah. Jesus Christ. The savior of the world.

So they set out on a journey. A chase…

I think at times this story is completely ruined by our nativity scenes (I know, I have already ripped on nativity scenes once… I just really hate them. Sorry). We assume that Jesus was born, and the wisemen followed the star next door, to give Him their gifts.

In reality, scholars estimate that the 3 wisemen, may have traveled up to 1,000 miles, taking from 25-30 days to reach the new born king. Consider that for a moment. You and I think twice about leaving the house to drive 15 minutes to the grocery store because we have no eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast.

1,000 miles… 30 days… are you kidding me?!
 For a baby?!

Here’s the thing… they knew they were chasing more than a baby. They were chasing the God of the universe. They were chasing the only thing that really matters in life. The opportunity to worship the King. They were chasing the opportunity to be face to face with the maker of the stars… in the flesh. This chase was worth every mile, it was worth every moment.

Why? Because they knew what mattered most. They believed they would get to experience the most historic moment in the history of the world. The birth of the one who would right all the wrongs, mend all the broken, and heal all the sick.

It was worth every painstaking step.

So my question for you this 10th day of December 2016, is this…

What are you chasing? Is it worth it? Is it eternal?

I pray it is.


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