A fresh start…

Fresh starts are great aren’t they?

There is something about a new day, new chance, fresh start. We like new years, the first day of the month, and Mondays… ok, maybe not Monday’s, but there is something to starting new.

Well, I am starting new with my blogging life. For some reason or other Google messed up my old blog, so I have decided to create a new blog and dive in a little deeper. If you followed me before I’d love to have you listen in again. I don’t promise it will be worth reading, but if you are into hearing really raw thoughts from the brain of scattered individual, this is the place for you.

I don’t do much editing or sensor anything I write, that’s the point, so understand what you are getting yourself into as you read. I find a place to write where I don’t have to think first is like free therapy for my “Left brain.”

So thanks for joining my journey, at what ever level you choose to, and feel free to comment any time you feel the urge.

Peace for now


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